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What do you think?

No, really, what DO you think? Because that's likely the reality you are creating. Think you come from a long line of large people genetically pre dispositioned to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes so you will be the same? Then no doubt- you will be correct. Think there is NO way you will fail at that high pressure work project you've been assigned? Guess what? You are right about that too. You see your thoughts will either elevate or hold you back-what's going on with you? What is YOUR truth, what do you sell yourself each day? Do you wake up, excited to be alive? For another go at reaching nay SURPASSING old goals! Are you grateful for all that you have and do you live in ABUNDANCE? Do you have faith in who you are becoming and in the possibility PROBABILITY of your achieving them? Do you believe you can do the things you want to do, that you are becoming the type of person that makes your dreams a reality? if not, its up to you to make it so!

When your why is big enough your HOW will reveal itself. I could site example after example here for you but for those of you who know me just think about my journey. I went from chronically ill for 10 plus years to Top national level NPC bikini competitor and then achieved Professional Status because I KNEW I WOULD. God had given me a vision, a belief and I trusted the process and just kept showing up. Which brings me to, don't be afraid to start even if your plan is not crystal clear. I did not always have the best tan or suit but I showed up.

Just start, the path will reveal itself as you go along and before you know it you'll have accomplished your goal! It is all about discipline, because isn't that what faithful people do? they steady the course even when their motivation (faith) is waning living out their spiritual, emotional, intellectual disciplines until finally from time to time they experience a metanoia or "God Moment" which sustains them further... Same with everything else in our lives-- physically as bodybuilders (or those aiming for something albeit weight loss or muscle gains) we should steady the course (track and measure) in an effort the get stronger (or thinner or firmer) exhibiting discipline in the gym (and kitchen) until finally our genetic potential is eventually realized. And also same intellectually and in business goals keep moving forward believing that what you are doing is what is going to create success for you, emulate aspects of those who have been wildly successful in your industry (put your own spin on it) and continue to learn daily, and apply that knowledge but put your focus on how applying that knowledge will help others and you will always WIN!

I'll close the way I started and ask you again. What DO you think? Choose wisely my lovelies!

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