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Think big and serve Bigger

Soooo its 2020 and you're looking to grow your business right? Me too, we should exchange emails and swap ideas! I am in the fitness industry and am looking to form mutually beneficial partnerships with like minded individuals. Some of my services include: Women's Lifestyle Training, NPC Masters Bikini coaching, Stage Posing Coaching, Personal Training, Group Exercise and Online Training. I am currently looking for aligning with all things competition and competing and fitness- tanning, shoes, jewelry, hair & makeup services, food prep- exercise apparel, gyms, exercise equipment, supplementation, etc. If you work in the industry and or currently blog/have a social media presence and are seeking a partnership in which we can promote each others businesses and recommend each other fairly exclusively please reach out to me. You see, I want to be able to offer my clients the very best when they work with me, because I consider myself to be among the best as an IFBB Pro athlete. I research my industry trends constantly to stay on top of the cutting edge of what all the industry leaders report from exercise protocols to nutrition and supplementation trends and I work hard to bring that to my followers and clientele via my daily #quickfittips tweets and facebook athlete page.

Submit feedback via this blogpost and connect with me on social media! I am @pamela_fit_for_life on instagram. Pamela fit for life on Facebook and @pamelafit4life on Twitter. I can't wait to connect with you so we can help each other actualize our goals in 2020. I would love for us to help each other :)


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