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The Key to Diet and Exercise Success!

hahah! But seriously, that's the way it feels isn't it? We think once we commit to being fit and healthy we can kiss all of the foods we once loved GOODBYE. Thats a jagged pill to swallow... so rewind and take that thought right out of your head!! The beauty is that in a word the key to success in Diet and Exercise or anything is MINDSET! Yep- you read that right, it's not hiring the RIGHT A LIST coach, or INVESTING in the most popular DIET FOOD COMPANY, Drinking a special purple drink, or doing countless crunches and only drinking lemon water and eating kale and zucchini noodles!

MINDSET- wrap your head around that. Your mindset is EVERYTHING. So much so that there are countless books on the subject but I am going to recommend one that helped me immensely--that book is "Mindset the new psychology of success" by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. Get it now, read it, and thank me later. You can get that book here:

An important thing to be able to do if you want to be successful in any endeavor is to be able to VIVIDLY visualize what success looks EXACLY like for you in that arena.

To give you an illustration I will share a quick story. When I began to toy with the idea of competing and felt the "God nudge" to do so, I began to envision what that might look like. If you can't create that vision in your mind you can't manifest it. To know what that would look like I had to research what successful bikini athletes do. Once I wrapped my mind around what it took to be successful, I then could insert myself into those situations mentally and emotionally. I would see myself, I would envision myself training hard, I would see myself completing my lifts and not just completing them but completing them with ease. Regarding nutrition, I would say to myself "food is a tool- a tool I will use, a part of the means to an end result I am aiming for" the goal of being a successful competitor. When I began to shift my thinking around those things my goals become more achievable and obtainable. I then began envisioning my stage presence, what that needed to look like; confident, poised, classy, elegant and sophisticated. I filled my head with those images and aspirations, those thoughts. I would tell myself- this is who I am becoming. I would practice my posing in my bikini saying to myself; "you are the best, most fluid, graceful, natural poser! They cannot keep their eyes off you, they want you to do well and are cheering for you! The judges love your look and your presentation is second to NONE! YOU ARE THE BEST! I am the winner! It's my day! I have put in my time and everyone wants to see me walk away the winner TODAY!!" God won't give you the ability to create a vivid vision that moves you and that you are passionate about unless He intends to provide you with the ability to achieve that end goal!!

Your trick will be in adopting a "GROWTH" mindset and learning how to do so. Begin to paint that vivid picture of whatever end goal you are aiming for and then write that goal down. Reverse engineer it, see yourself achieving every step that it will take for you to become VICTORIOUS in vivid detail. Write it ALL down. Read it over morning and night.

Ladies, if your WHY is big enough the HOW will reveal itself. If you can change your mindset and HARNESS YOUR THOUGHTS you can change your life! If God bestows upon you the gift of a vision that inspires you that you desire, it is achievable. ERGO, if you can see yourself as being a thinner, fitter, healthier version of you-HE will show you the way to achieve it.

I pray that this resonates with you enough that you TAKE ACTION! GET THE BOOK! And you know I am available to you if you need anything please reach out. I would love to help you and be a part of your journey if you are a woman. I offer many, many resources, I HAVE GOT THE BLUEPRINTS... Here are a couple of practical relatively inexpensive offerings that may help to set you on the right path;