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Keeping the Main Thing the MAIN THING...

Well, Let me start off by saying this past weekend was AMAZING! As I struggle to type this blog post out due to the awkwardly long GLAM competition nails and my skin literally looks like that of MAGDA from "Theres something about Mary"- and feels like it will possible spontaneously crack and bleed from multiple blistered, reddened areas ( I have major skin sensitivities)- I am the MOST BLESSED FREAKISH DISEASED looking person I know-hahah! What would you like to know about the weekend? I will share that hands down this was my BEST. My body responded favorably for the first time in quite a while. It feels as though I have unlocked some fantastic prep protocol for moms who are peri menopausal, hormonally challenged, autoimmune diseased, Masters athletes-- QUITE A FEAT if I may say so myself! Another of my chronic struggles has been my tan- which BTW was FLAWLESS thanks to my hubs and PROTAN!!

Important to note: Marcia Goncalves shared with me why I had issues AFTER I glazed with the other tanning company backstage... I learned their glaze is essentially a TAN DESTROYER of all other companies tans. To them I say "Well done-very clever!!" But it IS extremely important to note, DO NOT USE ANY OTHER GLAZE WITH PROTAN!!

Y'all- I WAS 4TH CALLED OUT!!! It was such a SURREAL moment! What that meant for those of you who don't follow the sport is that the head judge initially thought I should finish 4th. Unfortunately once placed in the lineup, my tan became a big issue according to my critique. THESE ARE THINGS I CAN CONTROL! YEE HAW! God is so good in that by employing my new glute training methodology "YOUR PERFECT PEACH" (which can be purchased off amazon if you click on the title- SHAMELESS PLUG) my glutes were no longer an issue! The head judge said and I quote: "You have a nice look and good structure... your physique is balanced... which is what earned you first callouts" he then went on to say, less oil and more tan and that if I can dial all that in he feels that I will make and hold first callouts :)) This is the reward and validation of the years of knowledge and training that I have been seeking although it was what I already knew in my heart-PRAISE God.

I am GRATEFUL- and hopeful that I will be able to share all of this knowledge with ladies in the coming years as a lifestyle and Masters Bikini Coach. I know I sound like a broken record but I sincerely believe that if I can accomplish what I have with all of my health limitations and issues, it is likely that you, with my help YOU CAN BECOME A BETTER, HEALTHIER, FITTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. So what am i grateful for? My GOD, My family, faith and friends, and my health (I received another years pass from my mammogram at WEST clinic on Tuesday of this week (THANK YOU GOD)! Those are my MAIN things. What are you grateful for?