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Fur babies capture our hearts...

So-- This morning i finally did it! After better than a year of watching the growth on Dude's tongue grow larger I (we) succumbed to surgery... It was a tough decision and truth be told though i know it was time, i could have prolonged the inevitable were it not for the shame i felt when people saw him with what appeared to be a second tongue growing out of it. It didn't seem to bother him at all. He ate, drank, played all per normal but i was beginning to feel like a bad pet owner and the reality is that if it continued to grow, it would likely impede his ability to eat and drink comfortably-- worse still, WHAT IF IT IS CANCER???

NO I am not going to have the growth sent off for pathology because what purpose would that serve? He is 13 and I would not subject him to chemotherapy just to buy a little more time with him. That would just be selfish but i do love him to pieces and would appreciate your prayers as i anxiously await hearing from the doctor regarding my sweet little man.

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