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from flabby to FABBY!!


Here are some simple actionable items you can employ to be on your way.

-Eat protein each meal! Eating sufficient protein each meal (20 plus grams) grants greater satiety overall and consuming protein helps boost your metabolism because it takes more energy to break down-who doesn't want that right? Some high quality sources?bison, lean beef, lentils, chicken breast, fish, greek yogurt, eggs-you get the idea right?

-Don't drink your calories! In juices, sports drinks, soft drinks, smoothies and alcohol PERIOD. Also, dehydration can be a source of food cravings so load up on water like crazy. It helps keep you feeling full AND detoxifies your body.

-Log it! Writing it down keeps you accountable. This is critical to weight loss success- or try an app like Spark people, My Fitness Pal or Noom.

-Brush your teeth after each meal! This can be a good signal to you the the meal is COMPLETE. Also, it makes things taste pretty crummy-haha

-Add in some Cardio! Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Increase your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis)-take the stairs, park farther away from the shop. Doing all of this will actualize weight loss more quickly and consistently over time.

-Make strength training a TOP priority! Most are focused on cardio which will aid in helping you lose weight but if it isn't coupled with resistance training you will be "skinny fat" with sagging unattractive skin and little shape. Strength training brings about beautiful shapely definition to your body and muscles are metabolically costly to keep around, so that means you will burn MORE calories ALL the time with more muscle on board-total no brainer, right? Focus on a minimum of 3 days a week to start bearing in mind that fitness is a journey and not a destination.

Take on bite sized pieces of what I have shared and implement these practices a little a time. In a month you'll be able to see a difference, in 2 months your spouse will notice in 3 months EVERYONE will begin to take notice so KEEP GOING!

AND it helps to stay focused on the PROCESS and not the RESULTS. Become the sort of person who never missed a workout not the person striving for a six pack!

When you stumble please know that EVERYONE does from time to time and it isn't the FIRST mistake that ruins us! It is the spiral of repeated mistakes that follows that is our undoing. When successful people fail they REBOUND QUICKLY! So be like Shaquille O'Neal an bounce back baby!!

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