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Dead Weight and how to get rid of it once and for all! FaceTime Live Episode 1 on Weightloss

It's been a while! This blogpost will be a recap of my FaceTime live Episode One on Weight Loss.

Having been a bodybuilding competitor for nearly 10 years now I know a thing or two about weight loss so I thought I would share as its one of the most common things we women struggle with. A little about me- I am a pro bodybuilder mom of 3, I have autoimmune disease, am in full blown menopause, mitral valve prolapse, an Arnold Chiari malformation and I am an ex-smoker without a thyroid so I GET real physical challenge. If I can achieve an enviable level of fitness you most certainly can too! There is nothing like trying to work against hormones, not having a thyroid, and being older or genetically pre disposed to being bigger (like me). The difference between success and failure is in giving up and getting up! You guys keep going! Nobody has a monopoly on difficulties. DO NOT LET FAILURE DEFINE YOU. Keep going. If you choose to continue and keep trying to reach your goals you are learning and not FAILING. So whatever your goal may be with respect to weight loss is, whatever its going to take for you to love yourself again, don't give up on that! That being said, what really helped me was adopting a new mindset for when things get tough. when I begin to say to myself, " I can't _______" insert hard task here- instead I now say " I WON'T ________" and that gets me fired up! When we use the word "can't" in our self speak we become a victim. If we replace the word "can't" with the word "won't" we OWN it. I want to encourage you to adopt that practice when you start that weight loss journey, that fitness journey or marathon training and think you can't, remind yourself to try this! And ladies, if your "why" is big enough the "How" will work itself out. It will. You'll find a way and nothing will derail you! I promise.

In a few short days enrollment will be open for my whiteboard workout group (June 28-30). Contact me via DM on social media or via email and we will get you started on that! On July first I will be offering my "3 week jumpstart to fat loss" program. Choose one, or both but do something that your future self will be proud of- the time to change is NOW.