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Competition Prep-Are you ready???

Sooooooo- i mean really, thats the question. In prep one usually moves from the "wow you're in great shape" phase to the "ummm you are looking a little freaky" stage. I know you're thinking "nu uh, i won't look freaky!"! but here's the real deal, if you don't look a little freaky, your'e probably not ready for the stage. We Masters ladies have a thing we say when we are prepping "tight face or tight @**- can't have both". Its pretty much a truth and more so as we get older. Brace yourselves. Best advice I can give you, steady the course and positively envision every step of the journey AND the end result you desire along the way. See yourself looking better than ever before with more muscle mass-strong and beautiful and it will happen. If you can see it it can be! Is it hard? Yes, at times it can be a challenge but remember, YOU CHOSE IT and it's not fair to take out your frustrations on your loved ones because you chose to chase after a lofty goal. Remember your reasons why- to feel better, to set a good example for your loved ones, to be a better version of yourself, to honor and glorify God and then press on. Is it for everyone- CERTAINLY NOT... there are other ways to improve upon oneself that are maybe healthier for YOU, this is just what God has gifted me with... It enables me to work through emotional stressors and connects/grounds me SPIRITUALLY... Remember this truth- little one you can do BIG things and change STARTS WITH YOU. #loveriot #perceptioniseverything #harnessyourmind #youbecomewhatyoubelieve

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