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Time and again I get asked "what makes me think I can compete with girls more than Half my age?" And the answer is simple I BELIEVE I CAN. I have faith in my God given abilities and talents and believe it serves a higher purpose. Higher, that is, than the purpose of seeking attention, and for vain selfish reasons. While bodybuilding IS a showcase of our outer shell it does not define me or come near to encompassing the whole of my journey and purpose here on earth. You see, I BELIEVE- my health and or lack thereof journey was meant to be shared. Because if I can do this at 51, after 3 kids, thyroid removal, an Arnold Chiari malformation, mitral valve prolapse, and as a former pack a day Marlboro Red smoker for more than 20 years...well, quite frankly too many reasons why I shouldn't -- but if I can and MORE IMPORTANTLY DO, WHAT IS STOPPING YOU???

Nope, not doing steroids, nope don't use fat burners, NOPE not taking short cuts--why does the younger generation eschew hard work and look for short cuts??? where is the glory in that?God has given me a beautiful journey in EVERY SINGLE STRUGGLE THERE HAS BEEN A LESSON. In EVERY SINGLE PAIN FILLED MOMENT HE HAS GROWN ME IN STRENGTH--IT ALL SERVES A PURPOSE.

So today i want to ask you, what are you afraid of? failure? I would like to challenge you and suggest it is quite the opposite that scares you. It's SUCCESS and how your life would change- FEAR of the uncomfortable and unknown. Let me tell you- you are worthy of the investment-the time and the money. YOU ARE WORTHY... and if I can do it, truly anyone can! When you decide, when you commit, you will succeed and I would be honored to be even the smallest part of your journey! Please message me and let me know how I can help.

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