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The total package

Ever feel like your'e not enough? Like no matter what you do, how you look or how much you are able to accomplish it'll never be enough? I mistakenly thought as I grew older those feelings would diminish but in certain instances I feel those feelings just as strongly as I did when I was a little girl.

Remember what it felt like as you struggled to "fit in" those tween years... when you'd overhear your family saying of you "oh she's just going through an awkward phase." And of course you weren't meant to hear those words but you did and they left a mark. So you began trying on styles and personalities like shoes. Remember those days? Feeling insignificant and small? Invisible?

I think we all do, and that voice that whispers you're never going to be enough or be able to say the right thing, or do a great job or make ANYONE PROUD--IS A LIAR.

Today for me it was that voice saying to me that I should be doing SO MUCH MORE for my sweet daughter (and her infant son) who lives with us. I want to speak to that for just a minute.

It is difficult for us to watch our loved ones struggle or become frustrated because we remember feeling that way so vividly- we EMPATHIZE with our children as they muddle through painful learning moments. As parents, we wish we could alleviate the stress and struggle. But what is the fruit of stress & struggles?... STRENGTH of character and PATIENCE. For that reason, I am attempting allow my sweet daughter navigate her journey through motherhood without intervening too much-- YEP IT IS TOUGH. But I remind myself it serves a purpose.

There is even fruit in the discipline of my not interfering... The fruit of not jumping in and "handling' it for her each time he fusses is PEACE OF MIND in knowing that she will be able to navigate those tough times long after I am gone. PEACE OF MIND that she is a strong, independent woman and mother who is capable of handling whatever life throws her way <3

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