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The Perfect Competition Bikini- A 3 part series featuring Aggie Garcia of Illusions by Aggie

In February on our Instagram Lives we featured a very talented one of a kind suit designer, Aggie Garcia. Aggie has been sewing since she was a wee one. Her aunt was a Hollywood costume designer in the day of sweetheart necklines, crinoline skirts, an era when the details were never spared and always agonized over. Fast forward to now, on her journey she has had the privilege of working with top CEO's in the businessworld, Olympian athletes, and supermodels. To say she is gifted would be an understatement, she is truly talented and has mastered the art of her craft. Aggie has been working with competitors for years now beginning many years back when her brother began competing in bodybuilding. She has a love for the spirit of the competitors and the intense drive and discipline required achieve in that arena.

I was drawn to Aggies talent in suit making when I competed with a mutual friend and fellow competitor who also happens to be a sponsored athlete of Aggies, Debbie Westby (pictured above). To say that I was enamored with the quality and workmanship of her suit would be an understatement. I mean, just look at that suit (and Debbies body!!!) Beautiful!! the color, the cut, the stoning, and all of the attention to detail! I am the girl who leaves nothing to chance on my journey to becoming the best possible version of myself on that competition stage and I commonly purchase a posing (practice) suit from a designer to discern if it would truly be a "level up" for me and worthy of the costly investment- competition suits at the Pro Level can be thousands of dollars. I contacted Aggie via instagram and ordered a practice posing suit and let me just say...some magic happened on that day. Not only was it beautiful right out of the package but the fit was literally perfect, and this was just a practice suit! How much more of an advantage would I be afforded with a fully blinged out competition bikini that fit me like this??? All this to say, from that moment on, I felt she needed to be shared, and ladies needed to know of the advantage she could afford them as well!

I am short waisted, high busted and fairly straight up & down. Tops are typically too long for my body making me look like I am playing "dress up". As a result of her attention to custom detailing, I instantly felt much more confident- that was a WIN for me!!

In addition to the cut of the suit being truly custom- Aggies stoning process is one of a kind as well! She makes it comfortable for the first time competitor financially in that they do not need a fully encrusted suit for local level competitions so she stones appropriately for the level of competition they choose and as they advance she adds stoning and tweaks the cut of the suit as needed along the way. This definitely lends them an advantage both financially and competitively. There aren't many designers who actually "stalk" their clients pages for stage pics, and then contacts them suggesting she can optimize their suit cut, and to send it back to them in time for their next competitions but this is something she does!

Pictured to the right is the photo of a suit that was upgraded with contrasting Swarovski crystals. It is amazing the dimension and color play that is afforded with an eye for the stone and fabric details like Aggies.

Visit Aggies Instagram page

Connect with her there and be sure to tell her I SENT YOU! As always, if you need anything, help with posing, coaching, nutrition, hormones, training, etc- please do not hesitate to reach out to me! What I have, is yours! If you found this blogpost helpful please SUBSCRIBE to my website like, comment and share! Keep on moving ONWARD and Upward my lovelies!! Love you all!

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