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The Nifty 9 Fatloss hacks by Pamela John

  1. Write down your goal with INTENTION! Read that goal out loud DAILY. Post that goal around your home/work, make it your screensaver!!

2. Focus on nutrition! Your nutrition habits will heed a greater change in your physique than your physical activity-however, combine them and you are sure to have amazing results!

3. Plan out each meal in advance. Weigh/measure out your portions. Invest in Tupperware or Isolator fitness containers. You know what they say, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

4. Increase your protein consumption for each meal. Ample protein intake leads to greater satiety which heeds greater plan adherence which leads to FAT LOSS . Fun fact: higher protein intakes boosts metabolism. Digesting protein has a much higher thermic effect than digestion of carbs & fat 20-30% HIGHER!

5. Water, water, water... Carry a jug if need be, keep it with you always! Aim for an ounce per pound of body weight. Good to know: Drinking water boosts metabolism by 24-30% over 1-1/12 hours, according to

6. Get ACTIVE! Prioritize daily movement/exercise and it will aid you in achieving a caloric deficit which is essential for fat loss.

7. Try to surround yourself with as many successful, motivating, positive minded people on social media and in your personal life as possible. SHOW ME YOUR FRIENDS AND I WILL SHOW YOU YOUR FUTURE.

8. You CANNOT spot reduce fat. Sad but true, you must put yourself in a caloric deficit and then fat will reduce from ALL OVER.

9. DO NOT BE SO TOUGH ON YOU! Cut yourself some slack! take on a couple of these ideas at a time each week. Don't try to jump "all in" in one day. One mistake should not de-rail you and warrant feelings of complete failure. Get back up dust those knees off, and steady the course!!