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the importance of getting your mind right

What you believe, what you tell yourself is the biggest determination of your outcome. In the last year and a half, I've spent countless hours poring over self mastery/development and business books. As far as I can tell the single most important thing a person can do if they genuinely seek betterment is to change their current mindset. Current mindset= same results, New mindset=different results. In this Blogpost I will share with you some of the takeaways that I have applied that have helped me change the trajectory of my life.

START EACH DAY WITH PRAYER. Speak with God about who you and He think you need to be to better serve and further His kingdom.

WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. Preferably in a journal or book of some sort. If you need help discerning what is most important to you, try this exercise: Grab your journal and every morning for 7 days begin writing your top 10 goals in detail without looking back at your prior lists. At the end of that 7 day period note which goals you journaled about with consistency and hone in on those, make them your priority. You will be surprised at how your life begins to present you with opportunity after opportunity to potentially achieve those goals but you must take ACTION. For example- I stated in my journal consistently that "I will win an IFBB pro show and have the best, tight glutes to date plus deep respect and admiration." And just this spring in addition to training with absolute FERVOR to live it out MMWC360 in Memphis reached out to me and offered me the opportunity to receive Emsculpt USA treatments on my glutes and abdominal area... WHAT??? Only a month earlier I had been googling about this technology and shared with Bobby that I was super interested in that technology. So write those goals down in detail and believe then watch the universe conspire to manifest them!!!

DEVELOP YOUR OWN PERSONAL MANTRA OR MISSION STATEMENT. This will be the one of the perfect futuristic you that achieves all of the goals you've set out to achieve. Something like this:

"I am kind, altruistic, generous, compassionate, graceful, magnetic, fluid, strong, balanced, beautiful and confident. I live in abundance JOYFULLY. People admire me, want to be a part of my life and help me succeed-- the world is plotting to do me good daily!" Once you have created your mantra say it. Write it daily until you have memorized it. Recite it each morning out loud! EMOTE! PROJECT! This is a powerful exercise.

DAILY- INPUT POSITIVE MESSAGES AND MATERIALS. Always seek to be in growth. There is no such thing as remaining the same. We are either regressing or PROGRESSING. I strongly suggest you continue pressing on. Learning more, seeking answers, building new relationships You must take chances that feel uncomfortable to the old you as often as possible. Are you an introvert? How has that aspect of your personality served you til now? Put yourself out there in ways you never dreamed you would. Contact podcasters and ask them if you can contribute in any way, begin doing instagram lives daily. It is time to make your weaknesses your strengths to level up. Say YES to new opportunities. Worry less about what people will think of you and more of the impact you will make as you live out the life God has called you to FEARLESSLY!

That is all I have for you today! I hope this has helped you in some way. If it has helped you please COMMENT, LIKE AND SHARE this blogpost. If we are to change the world we must take IMPERFECT ACTION!!!

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