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Still more random things I've learned

My last two blogposts were random things I have learned and y'all seem to be enjoying them so I will continue using the same format moving forward. These are tidbits of knowledge relating to sales, life, bodybuilding, NPC and IFBB bikini and health/fitness in general.

  1. Constipation seems to be a big issue among my clients as they age. Here are 2 remedies: Smooth moves tea and up to 6000 IU of Vitamin C. Start off with the minimal dosage and take more every 30 minutes to an hour until bowel movement then cease dosing.

  2. There are several ways to peak a client: linear peak, front loading or back loading. Linear loading puts your client in a slight surplus of foos and lessening of energy output. Best for the athlete who is coming in lean ahead of time. Front loading is great for someone lean at the start of peak week as well. Heavy carbs at the beginning of the week tapering down. Back Loading is the traditional peak in which carb loading is done at the end of the week.

  3. For posing: the walk-smaller steps with a slight crossover, anterior hip tilt ALWAYS, sink into the heel at the end of each stride fluidly, slight arm crossover to hipbone, angle shoulders slightly with each stride. In front pose-play around with the angle of the front and back toes to suit your physique, in general- the heel of the back leg should be in line with the toe on the front leg, plant your back leg on the ball of your toe. That toe should be slightly aimed 30 degrees to the back, hips face side stage and press through the toe on the back leg into the heel of the front leg, angle your shoulders to the judges by twisting the waist, your back hand should be slightly below or just at your natural waist, pull your chest up by filling it up with air (vacuum) and STRETCH that spine.

  4. Kaizen is the uncompromising commitment to continuous improvement and is the key to most success stories.

  5. Difficult tasks slow down your learning curve but yield greater long term benefits then easier ones. Too easy and we are bored. Too difficult and we are discouraged but find the middle ground of just manageable difficulty (JMD) and we grow!

  6. The same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness.-Jim Rohn

  7. Thou shall decree a thing. Words are powerful. Watch what you say. never "I am broke" but instead "I am overcoming a cash flow problem."

  8. To be an expert read in your field 30-60 minutes daily.

  9. A myostatin inhibitor stops limiting muscular growth.

  10. As we age hips and knees become more of an issue. Minimize squats, and lunges and increase sled work. There is no eccentric phase only concentric. It will strengthen hips and knees and not challenge them structurally. Push and pull sled work. Pulling for quads and pushing for glutes and hamstrings.

  11. Alpha GPC , a nootropic, is said to help optimize workouts and enhance cognition in lieu of stimulants.

  12. Choline is said to increase power output up to 14% and reduces symptoms of dementia and improves the rate of mental recovery in stroke patients. It may improve the function and heath of the brain. It also increases growth hormone levels.

  13. Supplementing with DHEA can combat vaginal atrophy and has known anti aging effects. It is a hormonal precursor to testosterone and estrogen. It boosts the production for other steroids in the body, improves bone density & strength and has significant positive effects on the aging population. Helps them gain muscle faster and helps improve insulin sensitivity. There are few to no side effects with moderate dosing. Large doses can increase body hair and if you've had sex cancers (breast, ovarian, testical, etc) do not take it. Take the least amount needed.

  14. Opportunities to become an IFBB BIKINI PRO: Masters USA, Universe, Masters Nationals and North Americans.

  15. In open you must place top 5 to qualify for national level competitions. No qualifications required for the Arnold Amateur.

  16. You are NO LONGER a novice once you've placed top 10 at nationals.

  17. Dr. Anthony Youn says Microneedling with radio frequency is a highly effective anti aging procedure which targets laxity and skin texture.

  18. Yohimbe is said to be a great fat loss supplement traditionally dosed a .2 mg per kg of bodyweight but SLEEP is king for fat loss.

Alrighty! That is it for now. If you are a competitor or are interested in competing or if you are just wanting to get into better shape and become healthier please reach out to me- I would love to see if we are a FIT and explore the possibility of helping you become a healthier more confident version of yourself!! Also- I am a BOMB posing coach as well! Book me via my website or message me directly

If you found this blog useful or informative in any way please share it and comment below and I will continue sharing my "Random things I have learned" with you more regularly! I am so grateful to you all for reading my blog and I thank you for your support!

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