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So you want to compete?... part 2

Last week we discussed some general tips to keep you progressing along nicely towards your goal of competing. If you missed the Facebook Live, you're in luck because I'm sitting here typing up the cliff notes for you.

Read on my fierce future competitors:

-Tell a few people that will hold you accountable and or start a separate social media account to share your fitness aspirations and inspirations so that your friends and family don't have to hear about your competition tan or new Brazilian cut bikini!

-Make it a point to attend a competition and chat with the competitors, vendors and judges. This can be a great way to find a coach or find the perfect bikini designer. Who knows? you may even meet some future sponsors!

- Create a realistic timeline- which will be different for EVERYONE! For some, it may be MONTHS while for others up to a YEAR. Find a competition and reverse engineer your timeline.

-Register for your competition as soon as you can to cement the commitment. Print out the show flyer and put it where you will see it often to stay motivated!

-Document your progress!

-photos weekly

-average weekly weight

-monthly measurements

-bodyfat calculations

-weights and programming

-nutrition and water

-BUY THE SHOES! Start practicing your posing like yesterday. "Ellie" or "Fabulicious" Clear 5" heels on amazon. I am an 8.5-9 and I downsize to an 8.

-Definitely invest in posing coach if you do not already have one. You are investing a ton of time, energy and money on bringing your best physique- you need to know how to showcase it properly! Once guided by a posing coach- PRACTICE OFTEN! Envision being onstage, walking, smiling, confident and poise--Really owning it!

-You are in the best shape of your life, you may want to consider booking a photography session a few days after your competition.