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Six Ways to Set Yourself up for Success!

Ever wonder how your fave fitness influencer or ANY influencer for that matter manages it all and makes it all look simple and EASY? Well, here are some insider tips that are sure to help!

  1. Prep your meals in advance. Or make double meals. One to eat and one to pack. I recently stumbled upon a local (to Memphis) food prep service that I want to shout out called Cisco's Prep. Having Francisco prep my food for me was totally new to me and let me just say, I LOVED IT! All of my proteins were pre-portioned and cooked to my specifications and then delivered in freezer to fridge to microwave containers. I highly recommend especially if you are on the go or just have a super busy lifestyle in general! To order follow him on Instagram Then click on the "How to order" tab. I also love these little coolers for keeping food fresh when I am on the go!

2. Plan your day in advance so you know when and where you will be eating as well as your workout plan. I do this the evening prior and the morning of. The evening prior- I select my workout clothes down to the sports bra and socks, that is ONE LESS DECISION I have to make that could potentially be a deal breaker. I have a SET meal plan so I know what I will be eating for EACH MEAL and the proteins for those meals is already prepared and on the ready the only thing I need do is heat up a side or add fresh veggies... My entire morning is set out; wake up at 5:30am fasted cardio and educational podcast for 25 minutes, breakfast and morning supplements, while consuming I read and review the days intentions. Weighted workout and then CLIENTS.

3. Going out to eat? Google the restaurant menu and make a plan ahead of time for what you will order.

4. Need more rest? Set your intention in the morning for an earlier bedtime. Read and relax prior to bed, eliminate screen time (phones, computers, and TV) AND WORK at least an hour prior to bedtime.


5. Be smart and as non emotional as possible about your food consumption. Yes- when we are stressed we sometimes want to eat either too much or we make unhealthy choices OR BIG WHAMMY- BOTH!! Sometimes when we are stressed or overwhelmed we eat too little. Try and remove the EMOTIONAL attachment to foods. RE-FRAME your food choices into those things that are a MAJOR means to an end goal. The goal of a fitter, HEALTHIER you. Food is fuel for your workouts (for your life) and if you eat properly you will not only feel better, you will look better, sleep better, and your quality of life will improve OVERALL! That's a WIN to be sure!

6. WATER!!! Drink enough water! Fill up pre measured water bottles in the evening so they are on the ready! Aim for at minimum a gallon. I carry a shaker cup with me everywhere I go and pretty well know I need 5 of them full of water daily- so I track that way. If you are traveling by air, skip the expensive water bottles in airport shops and fill up at a water station! Most airports have them and it makes travel hydration exponentially cheaper!! Also- once you've arrived at your HOTEL, fill that shaker cup back up IN THE HOTEL GYM for free! YOU'RE WELCOME! :)

Thanks for reading my blog! If you have found this interesting or informative please be a dove and tell your friends about it, share it, comment! Also let us know what you'd like to know and we will write about it soon!

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