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Random things I learned this last week

On stage makeup:

1. the perfect competition stage foundation is Mac NW45 studio fix fluid

2. you should allow the tanners to spray your face and then rinse it the morning of your show

do your eye makeup first, that way if you make a mess, your foundation application will act as "clean up".

3. A neutral smoky "cat eye" is a great way to go and works well on most everyone. Try not to match your shadow to your suit...

3. Maybelline concealer on the lid then flesh toned shadow on the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow

blended darker color on the outer half, still darker on the lash line.

4. highlight under your brow with a shimmery light color (bright white or cream).

also- if you have light eyebrows consider darkening and defining them show day, you can use a brown shadow.

5. apply gel eyeliner use it on the "water line" too

6. apply foundation- Mac NW45 painted around the perimeter of your face and then a warm toned lighter concealer in the center painted under eye, across the cheeks, center of the forehead, underneath chin and cupids bow. Reserve separate brushes for each and a third to blend.

7. lightly dust "banana"setting powder in lightest areas- bridge of nose, under eyes, cupids bow, chin and use a slightly darker one or a translucent for the darker areas.

8. add gold glitter on the inside corner of your eyelid-amazon sells one in a tube

9. highlight the tip and bridge of your nose and cheekbone then lightly blush around your hairline and on the apple of your cheeks. I like maybelline master strobing stick.

10. add super glam lashes and then more gel liner on top for a sexy "cat eye" look.

11. finish with your preferred lip color lining slightly outside your natural lip line for a full pouty look.

What else do y'all want to know? I am all ears!! Leave me a comment and I will make it happen!

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