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Random Info-Interesting stuff!

Y'all know I listen to a variety of different podcasts daily and read books that give great info regarding self growth/mastery, marketing, exercise science, nutrition, competing, etc.

My aim is to be in a constant state of growth and to become an expert in my field. My personal goal is to be the world champion IFBB bikini Masters athlete and successful coach/mentor to my top placing athletes. Never a mistake to set the bar high, right?

The TB-500 peptide is great for HEALING and can heed faster healing, quicker healing for crippling injuries, dramatic reduction of chronic inflammation and a strengthened immune system. Thyomism Beta-4 is a naturally occurring peptide in your body that is 43 amino acids long and is located in nearly every single tissue in the human body except for red blood cells. It was initially believed to be secreted by the thymus gland. When injured your body secretes Thymosin Beta-4 but can only produce a limited amount of this peptide and production speed is slow. That is where this peptide steps in! As I tell my clients do your own "DUE DILLIGENCE" if you are interested for sure. There have been clinical trials and many healthy and sick adults have taken TB-500 without any toxicity or unwanted side effects.

The BP-157 Peptide speeds up the rate at which your body heals as well and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It has angiogenesis effect along with the promotion of various growth factors that lead to the formation of new blood vessels but the key difference is that his peptide targets gastrointestinal health and is showing success in clinical trials for treating inflammatory bowel disease according to Jay Campbell, author and fitness expert. For clinical trial info go to: .

-To help with glute activation, stretch hip flexors

-IT band stretch, hurdle stretch and Pidgeon are great for bikini posing

-Hot Logic Mini is great for travel to heat up your food

-When lifting, Joint 'lock outs' take the stress of muscles and places the stress on joints.

-dopamine is the hormone responsible for motivation

-seratonin is the grateful hormone- and hence the external motivator

-Beta receptors spee