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More random things I learned...

  1. Prep brain is real! I have randomly been forgetting to take my thyroid meds... and having to double up to level hormones out. Not the time to be forgetting something as critical as the thing that's responsible for running my ENTIRE body. GAH!

  2. When aiming for changing some habit in your life reframe that and aim for changing your identity. The goal is to become the person who _________ (whatever you are trying to change). For example: Become a reader, don't say you're going to read books. Become a non- smoker, not someone who is trying to quit. Transform yourself into a weight lifter, not someone who has to go to the gym. Reframe it for success! Use empowerment statements like "I'm the type of person that (insert whatever attribute you desire)."

  3. Values and identity drive behavior. We surround ourselves with people that help us protect our self-perceived identity. Want to change your identity? Change your environment and posse!!

  4. All people at all times NEED equanimity. We admire it and feel safest when we see these qualities in someone. Isn't that the type of someone you would like to be? Equanimity is defines as mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

  5. The OBSTACLE is the path to success. Don't avoid it! Face it head on and keep going. You'llcome out stronger and more confident and capable on the other side.

  6. To change your identity make it easy to get started and bring rewards into the present moment. ENJOY EACH MOMENT. Every day that you adhere to the plan place a gold star on a wall calendar- it makes it much harder to break the streak! With consistency and repetition you can change your identity. THE ACTIONS YOU TAKE PROVIDE EVIDENCE AS TO WHO YOU ARE.

  7. On protein synthesis: Leucine kicks it off. Make sure you have leucine in your protein powder OR in your BCAA's EAA's . It CAN be found in foods- Corn, whey and eggs are a great source of leucine.

  8. There are 9 essential amino acids the body does not make that are primarily found in meats/fish. They can be procured if you are na vegan but it is much harder.

  9. Collagen protein is missing 2 of the essential amino acids: tryptophan AND leucine. Take your collagen with Vitamin C for greater bioavailability if taking for joints, tendons, ligaments, etc. Try sugar free jello if you don't want to pay $$$ for a supplemental collagen.

  10. Lastly, God gave me a big smackdown today in the form of 2-TWO different books. The first one is "Win the Day" by Mark Batterson. It read "Habit 4--Fly the Kite- How you do anything is how you'll do everything." The second book is "Live Your Dreams" by Terri Savelle Foy, today in that one I read: "Your personal standard of excellence is all about preparation for something greater. What's next in your life is always connected to what's now. Remember: the way you do anything is the way you do everything." WELL THAT IS SOME UNDENIABLE WISDOM I NEEDED IN MY LIFE!! God is so amazing y'all!

Y'all let me know if you're liking my "random thoughts" blogs. I'll keep going if you find them valuable :)

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