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Keep humble, continue seeking knowledge-

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

We can never know it all OR have it all either for that matter... ON that note I want to share with you that I have taken a on a coach CLAUDIO HAIT to assist me in bringing better to the stage this next season. We have big goals and he blew me away when he shared his vision with me. You see in the past, I have hired coaches who have given the right answers but this one, I didn't even ask ANYTHING of but he offered to groom me to win a pro show in open and go to the OLYMPIA. This has long. been a dream of mine that I've not let go of to date but many coaches have told me it isn't plausible...That he offered that vision, without any baiting, or prompting on my behalf was what I needed to continue training with intent, fervor and passion.

We really only need one person outside of our close knit group to believe in us... And it DOES mean the world to us when our friends and family support us and believe in us BUT, we pay them in love to feel that way am I right? A random stranger who wants to be in your employ- yes, sure has ulterior motives but if he does not at least attempt to deliver, where will that leave him in the end? If he does not make improvements in his clients physique, stage presence, in at least maybe the way that client feels- then how has he succeeded? A sour client is a terrible thing to have especially in this day of social media and blogging. Word travels fast when you are "no bueno".

As I stated earlier, I have had a few coaches in the past, one is a BIG team BIG NAME coach- I pulled him on right after my first pro show with one objective in mind, help me become a better stage presenter. He never once helped me with posing (and I am not exaggerating). I stayed on his team for the full contract and did not renew. Second coach specialized in bodybuilding, was into the minutia of macros and believed in bulking and all the extras to gain muscle (doesn't really work that way in bikini) though he did not help me with my posing either, I did learn a lot from him. I would consider him to have been my best coach as I felt he truly DID care in the end and was invested in my journey. Third coach was charming and charismatic but not trustworthy. A friend and fellow teammate confided in me that he had me on speakerphone while he was in a room full of clients shushing them as I poured my heart out after a disappointing pre-judging experience. Once I found out he'd done this to me, I wracked my brain trying to remember everything I'd said. I was hurt and felt betrayed. Shortly thereafter, he suffered a significant health issue which halted our working relationship. After all of those experiences I took a long break from coaches and began repackaging, researching and revamping myself.

I used all of the knowledge I had gained from each of them and all of the judges feedback from the past and strategically trained for the 2.0, the ME that I am right now. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Though I continue reading a new book each month and listening to podcasts daily to grow in knowledge my training was and has been a constant, just aiming for progressive overload with heavy, high rep and deload weeks... My food was keeping me inflamed but I was afraid to change anything out for fear that it would worsen. My cardio-in a word EXCESSIVE though I loved it, I was doing the stairs 6 days a week for an hour each day prior to my weighted workouts which greatly hampered my gains. I knew this but again, I was afraid of change, because I knew that what I was doing had produced pretty good results...

Insert New coach here- he has already proven to be the correct decision. My sleep has improved. I used to take a z quil every night to sleep and I would still awaken in the middle of the night to have Lower GI issues... I am now sleeping better than I have in a long time with a supplement (not melatonin) and dietary changes. To piggy back off the dietary intro- guess what??? I am eating better, Whole Foods that I would have never tried of my own volition avocado, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, raw spinach... and my gut is happier! WIN WIN! To compound the wins- I am definitely seeing GAINS in all the right places already! Typically in my off season, I lose all definition in my posterior chain (hams and glutes to be specific) immediately but I am holding some nice definition back there.

You see, sometimes the issue becomes- you can't see the picture clearly when you. are too up close and personal-- it takes someone who is a few steps, or hundred miles away to see the bigger picture and take the chances you are afraid to take yourself.