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Glow Up In your 40's and beyond!

Ageless Grace

What will it actually take to get you started? A health scare? Fear of your husband "upgrading"? Outgrowing all of your clothes? Maybe the thought that you don't HAVE to be absolutely miserable and feel trapped inside a body that is uncomfortable, big, bulky, sick and tired all of the time... OR do you finally believe you really deserve to look and feel good despite the expense and effort?

What is your biggest issue in committing to a healthier lifestyle that could ultimately produce a fitter, healthier, happier more confident and capable you? Is it, the physical discomfort of exercise and being hungry? Of actually working truly hard at something like you never have before? Let's face it, if you're overweight and de-conditioned there is nothing more physically challenging than DIET and EXERCISE! BUT WOULD YOU RATHER CHOOSE THE PHYSICAL PAIN OF DIET AND EXERCISE IN THE NAME OF HEALTHFULNESS OR FACE AND DEAL WITH THE INEVITABLE PAIN THAT IS OCCURRING AS A RESULT OF YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE CHOICES? THE PAIN OF A BODY THAT IS FAILING DUE TO NEGLECT, IMPROPER NUTRITION/OVERINDULGENCES, AND LACK OF ANY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AT ALL...

Metabolic disease, joint issues, cancer, hormonal imbalances... Personally, I would choose the former rather than the latter! And we DO have a choice- we are making those choices moment to moment, day in and day out.

I have heard it said (and people were offended) "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!" Think about why people took offense... THEY ARE NOT THE THIN ONES. In this TOXIC- yes I said TOXIC "body positivity" society we now live in its not PC to tell someone that they are fat but we don't waste a moment considering wether it would offend someone if they are told they are "too skinny". The thin, fit people are shamed and marginalized in an effort to appease the overwhelming majority. They are told to "eat a hamburger" by their larger counterparts but would never dream of telling someone overweight to "put down that pizza!"! If a thin person is cold they're told to "put on some fat"... What is happening? Fat IS NOT HEALTHY! Look at labs, LOOK AT METABOLIC DISEASE, LOOK AT THE OVERWHELMING TOLL EXCESSIVE WEIGHT PLACES ON JOINTS, ETC. LOOK AT DISEASE, LOOK AT AMERICA!!!!!

Wake up people and smell the cheesecake, the media is in bed with BIG PHARMA. BIG PHARMA is BIG BUSINESS and if you are THIN and HEALTHIER they are out of a job and lose MEGA MILLIONS. DOCTORS ARE OUT OF WORK AND THAT IS WHY "BODY POSITIVITY" IS SUPPORTED IN THE MEDIA AND POLITICISED!!! We need to all be smarter!!!

Back to the original statement that sparked this rant: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Let me break it down for you; we should eat MOSTLY to fuel our bodies. I say "MOSTLY" because as humans we are sensual and sensory creatures but as humans we can choose to delay gratification for a time as a means to an end goal for our betterment. Seek pleasure and comfort in other healthier things-- spirituality, physical activity, etc.

Everything in life that we possess is a result of choices we have made. In wisely choosing a path we should anticipate our desired outcome. "Imma eat like an idiot- pizza, donuts and sit on my duff". for example, will lead to "fat Francis" but conversely, "Imma have a salad and take a walk out in the sunshine" supports the "fit Francis" mindset. While I would rather at times have the pizza, the reward of the goal to be healthier and feel better is far greater!!


If you are ready for change I would love to help! Message me to get started on the path to becoming healthier today! Also- if you have found any value in this information please help me get the message out to others. SHARE THIS! Let's educate and empower America!!

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