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Y'all its all about CONSISTENCY

So somehow the whole first two paragraphs of this blog vanished and my keyboard completely locked up which has me wondering whose life this was meant to impact because I am encountering MASSIVE resistance! The first thoughts went something like this. Animals are instinctual creatures and we are creatures who were gifted with CONSCIOUS thought and FREE WILL. For animals when hungry it is as simple as hunt and forage- eat for us, NOT SO. We have decision OVERWHELM from the word go! Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo, whole food, processed, grain free, gluten free, dairy free, and the list grows as time passes. If we can simplify and goal and remain consistent in our behaviors and choices we can succeed! It is as simple as that.

What do I mean by that? Early on when I decided to quit smoking I had to change my environment FIRST. That meant, the places I usually went where it was easy to smoke, the people I hung out with that smoked themselves- they had to go! At least until I was strong enough to withstand the cravings for nicotine and cigarettes on my own. That was first- ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE.

After that, was BEHAVIORAL CHANGE in the morning upon waking I put a nicotine patch on and I thought to myself as I was putting it on, "I can't just rip this off and smoke at the drop of a dime because nicotine is in my bloodstream and it'll take a bit for it to clear. If I smoke with this nicotine already in my bloodstream I will get sick!" that was enough for me to NOT chance smoking at all. To further compound my chances for success I decided I would begin attempting to become fitter and healthier. I reached out to one of my friends who was at the time a great runner and triathlete and she selflessly invested alot of time and effort into teaching me how to run, she encouraged me to take spin classes with her at the local gym and through her urging I completed a Sprint Triathlon and went on to do several 5k's and half marathons. Once well into my "fitness lifestyle" I knew I had invested far too much time and effort into being better and healthier to throw it all away for a smoke. the cost was just too great! The more deeply enmeshed in becoming stronger and healthier the greater the cost. I was onto something!

So you see, as a human being we have choices, yes? One or TWO cocktails? haha!! Pizza or a chicken breast with asparagus? Smoking AND lung cancer or ease in breathing? Obesity and painful joints/metabolic disease or comfort and confidence in movement and health restoration? Once those choices are made we must continue to push forward knowing at times it will be difficult. That is life- never a promise of comfort and EVER CHANGING but once your GOALS are met or maybe even exceeded your confidence, your COMPETENCE, your FAITH in something bigger will be MASIVE!!

So my dears, CHOOSE WISELY and then seek out ways to idiot proof your life. For example, to ensure I will workout in the morning I try to eliminate as many potential obstacles to working out as possible! I lay out my clothes before I go to bed- bra, panties, socks, shoes, shirt, leggings, hat-EVERYTHING! And I scoop it up and take it into the powder room to dress so I don't wake anyone else.

I stay on point with nutrition by keeping a refrigerator stocked with foods that ONLY I eat. I have eliminated the foods that are too much for me to fight off on the daily- like pizza, ice cream, chips and I especially eliminate nut butters and ranch dressing from my universe during prep!! I prepare my proteins in mass and keep a surplus in the freezer to pull out each evening. Yes, you read that correctly- we have 2 refrigerators- one for everyone else (they are primarily restaurant food and sandwich folks) and one for me with all the foods that nobody but me likes and nobody but me wants to eat-lol!

You can apply these principles to any habit you want to eliminate or healthy lifestyle habits you wish to implement! Need help?? DM ME!! This is my ULTIMATE passion! I want to help you and see you succeed, I want to share my knowledge with you and see your life improve! MERRY CHRISMAS to you all!

Please like, comment and share this blogpost if you found it helpful! LOVE YOU!


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