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Are you Learning, success in Fat Loss is more about BRAINS than BODIES?

In this Blogpost I will review the third and final part of my weight loss/fat loss FaceBook Live series in which I share common myths and misnomers about fat loss.

People really still wonder if they can spot fat reduce. Wouldn't that be lovely? I could then potentially keep my rounded youthful cheeks whilst hard dieting to pull the fat off my glutes and hamstrings! No more Dr. Diet Death Face!!

The ladies and I have always joked that we feel like our faces can be beautiful or our butts can be FAT FREE but both CANNOT co-exist. Sadly, this is mostly true... unless you are a) young b) naturally youthful looking or c) paying for a lot of aesthetic injections/fillers- lol! TO RECAP: YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE FAT- YOU MUST LOSE IT FROM ALL OVER. Another truth that goes hand in hand with this one is: YOU ARE ONLY AS LEAN AS YOUR FATTEST BODY PART. Now let that one sink in for a bit. It'll likely leave a mark.

Another Q I am asked a ton is "Can you lose fat WHILE gaining muscle?" and the answer is (drumroll please)

YES! Here are a few tips to ensure success:

  1. Eat more protein every meal! Roughly a gram to a gram and a half per pound of bodyweight. Be sure and space your intake evenly throughout the day.

  2. Don't crash diet or diet hastily! Aim for no more than 1-2 pounds per week. Try shaving 500 calories off daily to start.

  3. STRENGTH TRAIN AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK. Many ramp up cardio which is NO BUENO if it is REPLACING weight training. If you weight train while dieting it helps retain and in many cases slightly INCREASE lean tissue.

  4. BE PATIENT. This may be the hardest but as you progress through burning fat and building muscle, you may notice great gains in the beginning that will slow over time. It naturally becomes progressively harder to increase lean tissue/muscle while losing fat as you become more trained and get leaner. The closer we are to reaching our "genetic set point" the more the body is resistant. And too, the more fat we have to lose-the easier it is to lose 5 pounds so do not get discouraged and know that change is happening even if it is SLOW.

My final myth to DE bunk is, YOU CANNOT CHANGE FAT INTO MUSCLE UNLESS YOU ARE Jesus Christ HIMSELF. It is impossible to change one matter into another. Fat will always be fat and muscle will always be muscle. While one can't turn into another you can lose one and GAIN another.

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