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Always a Student, never a Master...

In keeping with the theme of sharing random info with you I thought that title appropriate. You all do know how I love learning about all things fitness, nutrition, fashion and fun!! So we will run the gamut of those things in many of these blogs and this one will be no exception!

If you don't know me, HELLO- I am a 53 yo IFBB Bikini Professional athlete, and AFAA certified personal trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Published fitness author and fitness entrepreneur based out of Memphis, TN who is also a happily married wife and mother to 3 beautiful grown daughters and one handsome grandson!!! WHEW! I have graves disease, hyper homocysteine levels, and Arnold Chiari malformation, Reynauds, Arthritis and bone spurs in my L discs, microscopic colitis and I am sure a host of other equally crazy maladies yet undiscovered. I happen to also believe strongly in epigenetic factors playing a bigger part than strictly genetic ones. In other words, I believe the way we choose to live out our lives, the foods we eat, how we handle stressors, wether or not we choose to exercise, supplement strategically, etc are a truer indicators as to how our bodies will behave and react vs. what our DNA says we have received from our parents and this is precisely what has brought me to this place in time thus far.

Recently I have listened to a cornucopia of podcasts- so so many! In one podcast that can be found on Pandora or Spotify- MINDPUMP They suggest to anyone wanting to become healthier and begin working out to "track protein and eat only whole natural foods until satisfied NOT STUFFED and to train hard." That is genuinely a good start in the right direction! Oftentimes I find that people over complicate and so they never begin because it seems so incredibly overwhelming. Just keep it simple and you are more assured of success, at least in the beginning!

In athother episode of MINDPUMP they spoke famous bodybuilders and their most enviable body parts and shared how they trained them!! Here is the condensed version...

-Shoulders- behind the neck press

-Hamstrings- RDL standing on a bench for increased range if needed

-Quadriceps- Sissy squats

-Biceps- drag curls

-Triceps- Close grip bench press try with and without incline

-Calves- Donkey calf raise

-Abs-Vacuums targeting transverse abdominals

In a podcast I listened to by Biohacker, Ben Greenfield he shares that Essential Amino Acids provide energy in a nosedive after intense physical activities like a long run. In this same episode I also learned that wheat has small amounts of opioids which explains why we are addicted! It binds to our opioid receptors.

Another recurring theme is perfectionism. One cited "Perfection is the thing that makes you question 'who am I to think I could/can?' and evokes shame". Another said "perfectionism is insecurity with lipstick on." It is something many women struggle over.

Well ladies, on that note I want to share with you all that I am having a Black Friday BOGO special. Buy my 3 week jumpstart to fat loss plan and I will send you the 21 Days to a Fresh Start Fitness Program FREE!! These programs will provide you with a BLUEPRINT that takes all of the GUESSWORK OUT!! You could start with the 21 Days to a Fresh Start Fitness Program minus the diet portion and at least you are moving and grooving during the holiday season!! DONE AND DONE!! OR you could do the program completely "all in" in preparation of the WHITE OUT FEAST you'll have at Christmas- HAHA! Maybe you'd like to have it for January 1 to start the year off strong at home OR in the gym. However you decide to use these programs is totally up to you and completely customizable and a super smart investment in YOU! It also makes a super wonderful GIFT!!

It is so difficult going to festivity after festivity eating and drinking your way through each event and feeling guilty for it but now with these programs you can counteract and supplement some of your indulgences with nutrition designed for fat loss and an easy workout program!! DM me "Black Friday" and I will send you a link to purchase!

Thanks for reading!! Please share this blogpost if you find it valuable! Tell your friends about it, subscribe and have them subscribe as well!

Happy Holidays my friends! Peace and prosperity to you and yours.


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