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The "3 Week Jumpstart to Fat Loss" Program is FINALLY AVAILABLE!

You asked again and again. How do you competitors do it? How do you shred down to stage lean? I, personally resisted for quite a while thinking, "this works for me but may not work for EVERYONE" but then again, I thought- Nothing out there works for EVERYONE! I was pleased to learn it had greater success rates than I'd initially believed it would. Y'all know I have felt it's been of the UTMOST importance for me to help ladies as much as possible along the way and SHARE the knowledge I have gained on this BLESSING of a JOURNEY. Well, I decided this is definitely a part of it-- and the reason I have been successful in the past is due, in large part to this particular eating plan so I decided to share it and now that it's been beta tested I KNOW this particular program will work IF YOU DO!

So- you've committed to yourself that you want to lose weight and get fit and this time YOU MEAN IT!! If you're like most you begin to feel automatically OVERWHELMED and then follows the inability to begin because you lack CLARITY... How do I do it??? You'll ask yourself, "WHAT NOW??"

This is why I've put pen to paper for you. I have taken most of the GUESSWORK out of the Dieting process for you! This plan is 10 years in the making and uses the expertise of some of the best IFBB Bikini coaches out there.

In the "3 Week Jumpstart to Fat Loss" program you will get the benefit of: planned meals in which AMPLE protein is recommended, as it creates GREATER SATIETY which in turn INCREASES PLAN ADHERENCE and the ability to maintain lean mass better in a deficit. Varied macronutrient scheduling to reset hunger hormones (ghrelin, leptin) so you don't have wicked awful cravings. Along with that, each day, each meal is broken down for you. The daily nutrition schedule includes 5 meals and all condiments, dressings & spices. At the bottom of each page is a section for NOTES-I encourage you to track the day by "WEEK". For example, the first entry on day one would be: "week one, meal one". Because you will cycle through the meal plan at least 3 times. I also encourage charting your weight or waist measurement (your choice) each day so that you can track your progression. I personally like to note from time to time any exceptional feelings or physical states like excessive tiredness, or conversely tons go ENERGY, how I am sleeping, moods, etc. whatever works for you! Whatever motivates YOU is key! Other things that are helpful to note are things like: Reactions to particular foods, likes and dislikes and orThings that were great and plan friendly at particular restaurants.

At the end of the document I have a "Last but not least" section that includes simple hacks that have helped me in the past. Safe condiments to use on anything at any time and those condiments and sauces that should be used sparingly and "free foods" that you can eat as much of as you wish, like dill pickles!! ; )

My plan is a plan that sets you up for SUCCESS!! In fact, this is what some of my clients have said about the plan.

"In the short amount of time I've started learning form Pamela, I've gone from 138-132! My waist was 34" and is now 31.5"

"I learned the impact of planning!"-ES

"This plan provides cool foods that are delicious and keep me full!"-KN

"Pamela's fat loss plan was so simple and easy to follow."

"In one week, I lost half an inch off these love handles!"- MF

"It's easy to follow and I appreciate the extra addendum"

"I love the protein powder and peanutbutter protein pudding! I made it thick and put it on a celery stick" -AMR

This is just some of what is being said about the "3 Week Jumpstart to Fat Loss program". It makes me so happy to know that this plan is bringing about change in these ladies lives that they didn't know was possible!

Are you stumped? I think you're here, reading this for a reason...

This may be a great place for you to start!! Message me for your copy TODAY!

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